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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational.”

George Couros

My name is James Campbell-Gibson.  I was born in Cape Town, South Africa on 05 November 1996.  I have always loved drawing and art; a lot of my free time I draw using both my Wacom and my computer, or in pencil, charcoal, ink or watercolour paints.  After school I am going to study to become a concept artist for video games. I am currently in Grade 12 at Elkanah House High School in Sunningdale, a suburb not far from my home.  It was through my school's ICT Trainer, Ms Linda Foulkes that I heard about the Adobe Photoshop Certified Associate Competition run by Certiport.  I decided to work hard to learn Photoshop and take the exam to become an Adobe Photoshop Certified Associate, which I passed first time, so that I would be able to take part in the competition. After competing, I was awarded first prize in South Africa and was awarded a sponsored trip to Anaheim, CA, by Netlearn Update cc to compete at the Adobe World Championships.  I am very excited to be going.  We leave at the end of July so there is a lot of work to do between now and then to get ready for the world champs. Wish me luck.


Hello, my name is Shaun Nothard, and I’m 16 years old and a Grade 11 student at Elkanah House in Cape Town. I’m the PowerPoint contestant for South Africa this year, and I’m very excited to have this opportunity to represent my country at the Microsoft Office World Championship again. I got involved through the Microsoft Office Specialist subject that we take once a week at school, and along with my passion for IT convinced me to get involved in Grade 10. I represented South Africa last year as the Microsoft Word contestant and it was amazing experiencing America and the competition itself. I spent a great deal of time practicing for the semi-finals and after being selected I’ve been busy preparing for the real deal. NetLEARN (Sponsor) and its representative, Jenny Cole, have been so great last year and this year. I would like to give a special thank-you to Linda Foulkes, my teacher and the one who helped and supported me through last year and this year’s competition.  Thank you also to Certiport for this amazing competition! See you in California in July!


How I found out about the competition: My name is Kathrine Hinchcliffe, a Grade 11 student at Elkanah House. I found out about the Microsoft Office Specialist Competition from the Microsoft Office Specialist teacher at my school. I was practicing to write an exam for Access when she, Linda Foulkes, informed me about it.  The competition so far has been really exciting, I have enjoyed it thoroughly. In the beginning I found it very challenging to achieve the 1000 for Excel, let alone do it in under five minutes. It took many long days of practicing but I finally got there. The day of the semi-finals at my school, Elkanah House High School, I was extremely nervous but very excited to be taking part.  I originally learnt the features specific to Excel and then went through the Certiport practice tests to make sure I was familiar with questioning. I practiced the exam and prepared approximately two hours a day until I was achieving 100% in under five minutes.  I entered the competition in order to represent South Africa at the World Championships. We met Jenny Cole, the CEO from Netlearn Update cc at the SA Finals. Jenny Cole is the official sponsor of the SA competition. Throughout the competition, Netlearn has been involved with encouragement through our teacher and dealt with any questions we had immediately. When I found out that the competition was being held in Disneyland, which was a huge bonus!


My name is Jema and I am a Grade 9 student at Elkanah House High School.  I found out about this competition last year when I heard about the people going to Washington from our school. I was enthusiastic to try out for this but I wasn't sure that I would get through. I entered to push myself to try new things and it sure paid off. I tried to train as much as possible between ballet and school. I did practice test after practice test and exam after exam until I saw my score reaching the top and my time nearing 4 minutes. It was exciting practicing and “competing" within our group. I have really enjoyed this experience and I would recommend it to all people who excel at Microsoft. Netlearn Update cc is sponsoring our trip to Disneyland and without this; my dream to participate at the finals would not be possible.